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    JOINT STIFFNESS (Arthrolysis)

    In cases of fractures around the joint (peri-articular), and intra-articular fractures, it is of utmost importance to allow early joint mobilization.

    We always prefer to offer secure fixation in such fractures, which can help preserve early joint motion.

    If however joint stiffness occurs in the course of fracture management, it is properly evaluated.

    Most such cases do well with supervised physiotherapy.

    However if the joint stiffness is extreme, and limiting satisfactory rehabilitation, we often advised for Arthroscopic or open surgical Arthrolysis- This procedure involves breaking the adhesions that form inside a joint.

    If the joint stiffness is due to muscle stiffness outside the joint, we advised for Contracture Release operation.Most cases of joint stiffness can be treated with good results, if timely intervention is done.

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