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    Most patient after ACL reconstruction return to pre-injury status after 6- 8 weeks,and are allowed to pursue active sports after 6 months.

    ACL reconstruction is advised to patients with persistent knee instability despite physiotherapy trial of at least 6 weeks. In cases of road traffic accident patients with high energy trauma who develop ACL tear along with variable injury to other ligaments and bony contusions, we prefer to wait for approximately 10-12 weeks before offering ACL reconstruction surgery. This allows adequate time for healing of other structures, before ACL reconstruction is undertaken.

    ACL reconstruction is commonly performed as Arthroscopy assisted procedure, with minimal scar.   We routinely perform ACL reconstruction surgery using Endobutton technique with Double bundle Hamstring grafts harvested from Semitendinosus and Gracilis muscles.

    In this surgery tendinous grafts are harvested from the back of knee, doubled over to increase the tensile strength, and then looped over an Endobutton. This graft –endobutton composite is tunnelled across the tibia and femur along the axis of original ACL ligament. The tibial end is usually secured with titanium or bio-absorbable screws.

    After surgery, patients are allowed to walk with Knee brace and walker support from the next day. Knee bending is increased in a sequential manner with increments week by week.  Supervised physiotherapy is required for an estimated 6 weeks.    It is estimated that most patients are able to walk full weight bearing after approx. 6 weeks, and walk without support after an average of 10-12 weeks

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