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    Prolapse Inter-vertebral Disc Syndrome or Slipped Disc, as we commonly call it; is a very common disorder affecting young population. A little insight into the cause- Our spine has vertebrae aligned on top of each other with a cushion like substance called Inter-vertebral disc in between the vertebrae. The spinal cord and nerves pass along the back of vertebral bodies, encased in a well formed bony column. If the disc crosses its normal circumference, it may produce pressure on the spinal cord or the nerves producing so called Radicular Pain or Numbness or Paresthesia.

    Usually a patient gives history of sudden jerk, or lifting weights; but sometimes it may happen without an obvious precipitating factor. The usual contributing factor include- Poor muscle tone, Abnormal posture while sitting, or lifting objects. Cigarette smoking whether active or passive increases the risk and severity of a disc prolapse.

    Acute disc prolapse should initially be treated with a short period of rest, followed by supervised physiotherapy, and modification of activity. Most patients respond well to a careful plan of Anti-Inflammatory medications, Nerve pain medications & physio. In patient presenting with severe pain, not responding to conservative plan, the bulging portion of the disc is removed through surgery; or it may be decompressed by thermal-coagulation.

    Surgery is mandatory for patients presenting with a progressive neurological deficit in the area of nerve supply.

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