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    Fractures around the hip joint can involve the Femoral  head, Femoral neck or the Inter-Trochanteric region.

    Any fracture around the hip joint leads to disruption of blood supply to the femoral head and neck. It is important to fix such fractures at the earliest possible, to minimize risk of avascular necrosis of Hip.

    Hip fracture after a trivial fall such as slip in the bathroom is particularly commonly seen in elderly population. Weakened bones secondary to osteoporosis is a frequent accompanying factor.

    Hip fracture in elderly population have to be dealt with very carefully. While it is important to have good fracture healing, it is equally important to ambulate the patient as early as possible to minimize risks and complications due to prolonged bed rest.

    Majority of fractures around hip joint need surgical intervention.

    We use specialized technique of locking plate principle when dealing with fractures in osteoporotic bones. In some cases, it is impossible to fix the fracture due to nature of injury. In such cases, a partial or total hip replacement may be offered as a more viable option.

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