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    Knee Cartilage defects or Osteochondral lesions may produce pain and stiffness of the joint. If un-treated such lesions may lead to development of full thickness cartilage loss, and eventual arthritis.

    Arthroscopic Chondroplasty can be performed in such cases, to allow cartilage regrowth, and delay the development of full blown arthritis.

    Arthroscopic Chondroplasty procedure involves Microfracture/ Abrasion chondroplasty/ Laser. This allows the growth of fibrocartilage and help to fill up the void created by cartilage loss.

    In cases of large solitary Osteochondral defects, Mosaicplasty may also be performed.These procedures help in delaying Arthritis, and are very useful in younger patients with knee pain not responding to conservative trial and physiotherapy. The patients are usually admitted in hospital for 24-48 hours. Ambulation with walker/ stick support is started the next day of surgery.

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