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    Rotator cuff is formed by a group of four muscles around the shoulder joint. This is responsible for sideways elevation of shoulder and rotational movements.

    Rotator cuff is a frequent site for development of inflammation, also called Rotator cuff Tendinitis. Most frequently involved muscle is Supraspinatus. Such inflammation produces pain on overhead elevation of shoulder, and often produce a painful arc syndrome.

    Recurrent Rotator cuff inflammation leads to fibrosis and weakening of the muscles. This can ultimately lead to ROTATOR CUFF TEAR.

    A tear of rotator cuff muscles may also occur due to sudden jerk as in lifting heavy weights.

    A rotator cuff tear is diagnosed clinically and   confirmed by doing an MRI of shoulder joint.

    Treatment of Rotator cuff tear depends upon the extent of tear. Most of the partial tears can be managed by supervised physiotherapy. Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is indicated in patients with complete tear on MRI , and those who do not respond with physiotherapy.

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